Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy as a Bee

Hey y'all,
Well, it seems like this summer is off to a great start. If you like HEAT, that is!  I love spring and usually May is a wonderful month with days around 80 and nights in the 60's - we skipped right to the 90's! Now, I am cold natured, meaning that I am always cold. I take a sweater with me everywhere in the summer because if I'm in air conditioning- I am COLD. So, I am not complaining about the heat, but really just making an observation. I have baked in the heat to get a few outside projects done - 

 Putting out annuals 

Lobelia- I've tried this before and it really doesn't like our heat but it was so pretty I had to give it another try!

Geraniums for the front and Impatiens for our shady back yard

Some beautiful red verbena

AHHHH! Red Geraniums, my favorite!    

I'll get some pics with them in the ground after I mulch.

Next, I painted a white PVC plastic fence section to look like weathered wood for my in-laws new house. They are going to use it as a headboard in their master bedroom.

I didn't have very high expectations for this project when my mother-in-law brought this to me with her clever idea, but it actually turned out just fine. I'll take some pictures when they get to move in.
Lastly, I pressure washed the back porch deck. It WAS GROSS! We are getting ready to have it screened in so we can actually sit out there without being carried off by the mosquitoes. It is my favorite part of our house with all the trees around and an outdoor fireplace and we want to be able to enjoy it. We've been talking about it for years but we are actually going to do it! Thankfully it won't start for a few weeks because we have a visitor on our mantle.  Do you see it? Next to the candle?

It's a bird nest with a momma sitting on 5 eggs! Of course she didn't choose the birdhouse!

She actually started the nest inside our GRILL and I found it when I was turning on the gas tank. At that time it only had one egg so I moved it up onto the mantle (I couldn't get it inside the birdhouse.LOL) . It is a house wren and they have built there before. She returned to it and laid 4 more eggs!!! She stayed on it the whole time I was cleaning the porch, which was very loud! She only leaves when I get really close -she flew out when I put my camera up to take a picture of her. Don't worry...she came RIGHT BACK. I will give you baby updates when they hatch. I LOVE animals!

With all of these projects going on I have been doing my crocheting in the evenings and I am almost finished with my bunting. Pics to come soon.

Other updates:
-The artroom is basically finished but I have spent very little time in there so far. It is wonderful to know that it is all organized and I can find all of my things now.
-I will be leaving for the beach this Saturday for a week at the beach and I will post lots of pictures while I'm there.

I will leave you with a picture of the sunset as I drove home the other night.

Blessings to you and yours xxxxxxoooxxxxxxxxxxooo

Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."

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