Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Break !?

I seem to be taking a little break from blogging right now without planning to. I've been buzzing from one thing to another with no regular schedule, and I've found that sharing on here is falling through the cracks. I have decided not to stress over it, and I will put things on here when I get around to it. Soooo... there may be fewer postings over the next few weeks. I AM still working on my hooky projects, and maybe I will have some "Ta-Dah" moments toward the end of summer. Remember this? I'm still making HEXAGONS. (Now I know why I like making scarves- QUICK!)

This tedium inspired my new blanket project... Bullseye by Brittany Tyler 
I was going crazy making little complex granny hexagons, and I needed something simpler and faster to work on at the same time to break up the monotony. This pattern is so easy and I'm really enjoying the speed with which it's coming together. The squares are about twice the size of the hexes and circles make for some happy hooking! You can see I'm still pushing the color wheel on this project, but I think I will be using this on our newly screened in back porch where color choices can be more adventurous.

Speaking of the new back porch...
The baby birds from the last post left the nest three days later and moved over to the woods beside the house while the mom and dad still fed them for a few more days. I LOVE having all of the trees next to us and the animals that live there... BUT... with woods come MOSQUITOES.  Millions of AGGRESSIVE, EVIL, HUNGRY MOSQUITOES! Ok, maybe not millions, but so many that I cannot sit out there without being eaten alive. I have had various methods for fighting these critters but finally we are putting up the white flag and SCREENING in the whole thing. I am so excited to have this beautiful area to sit and crochet without scratching, swatting, and saying bad words in my head. It should be much more peaceful! Here are some pictures of this work in progress.

The roof will be extended to the edge for the screening.

These posts will be moved to the edge of the porch to provide more floor space.

The cushion for this swing will be the fabric from my earlier post here.

Here's the furniture form the porch. Yes, the grass is getting CRUNCHY from a dry spell.   

I hope you are having a great and relaxing summer and I'll pop in here a few times over the next few weeks if I have something to share with you. As always, I am so glad you stopped by to visit and I'll talk to ya soon.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Back From the Beach

Hey everybody! I have been out of town for a week at the beach. I LOVE THE BEACH! I went with a good friend and her family and all together we had 14 people in a huge house in South Carolina. It was a wonderful week of this...

And some of THIS...

Thankfully, none of THESE...

Fortunately, (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, lol) there was a LOT of THIS!

chocolate chip cheesecake
Needless to say I had the most amazing time with good friends, good food, good times and was so thankful to be included in this family's vacation!

While I was away these...
turned into THESE...

SERIOUSLY, is there anything UGLIER than baby birds? The mom and dad have their work cut out for them trying to feed 5 little mouths! Maybe they will get cuter with age?!? More pics to come.

On the crafty front I was able to start a new crochet blanket on the trip. The 13 year old boy that was with us at the beach said ,"All you do is read and crochet!". To which I replied, "Yes, isn't it wonderful?"  I will show the beginning of the new hooky blanky next time. Come back and visit a while.

Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog and feel free to leave me a comment. It really makes my day! xxxxxxoooxxxxxxxooooxxxxxxxx

Philippians 4:7  "Then you will experience God's peace which exceeds anything we can understand. His PEACE will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus."