Saturday, May 12, 2012


Last fall I found a baby rabbit. It was sitting in the street and was very small. I stopped- went over to it-  and just picked it up. I looked all around but could not find the momma or any other babies. It was a little squirmy so I wrapped it in my shirt and drove home. I didn't have a clue what to do with it. Is there anything CUTER than a baby rabbit?  Really?

See his tiny white patch of fur on his forehead?


I went straight to the internet to do a little research. The bunny had a small white patch of fur on his forehead and I read that orphan rabbit babies are able to be released to the wild when the white patch is gone. So... I needed to  keep him until then. I went to the pet store and bought milk for kittens that need supplementing and a tiny bottle for that purpose. It looked perfect but was WAY to big. I switched to a small medicine dropper. Also, this bunny seemed to be a little, "not right". He was either injured or born without a good sense of direction because he hopped sideways ( I think the spinning is normal for escaping predators) . He looked a little loopy. CUTENESS!
 I am so sorry but this video won't play on my ipad or iphone (I don't know about Mac). It is worth watching on your PC

Don't worry. My dog, a 3 pound Yorkshire Terrier named Smokey, is 11 years old and has had all of his teeth removed (dental problems are common with small breeds and evidently I should have been brushing his teeth??) He is CUTENESS, too, but he HATES CAMERAS so I can never get a good picture of him because he runs when I get it out.  I only got this because the bunny was distracting him.
ALSO, my son and I are talking on this video and I realize how SOUTHERN we sound. We are from Tennessee!

Anyway...  I kept him for about 3 weeks and fed him with a medicine dropper until he started eating timothy grass very well and seemed to be okay (I was still giving him a little milk at this point) .  We have a wooded lot next to us which was a perfect bunny habitat so I thought I would try to release him.  Well he didn't go anywhere! And he looked way to little to be on his own (even though his little white patch was gone). So... BACK in the box he went for another 2 weeks.

 Don't you HATE hearing your voice recorded?! I DO!

The day came when I finally let him go with a large batch of timothy grass and he hopped into the woods and I never saw him again.  Until, THIS SPRING I saw a bunny in my front yard and he let me come up to him to take a few pictures. I am CONVINCED it was him.   

You can see the woods where he lives in the background

This photo is not zoomed. I just walked that close. Our local wild rabbits do NOT let you do that. He is back in the wild and seems to be doing well. The reality is that "wild things" need to be just that- WILD. We had him for about 4-5 weeks and he never became tame in any way. When I fed him I had to wrap him in a towel so he wouldn't jump away.  As much as I wanted to keep him he was definitely not PET material. For better or worse he had to make it on his own.  
"All good things are wild and free." Henry David Thoreau

PS  I will be posting some photos of my art room soon. It is coming along very well.

Thank you so much for visiting here today and I hope you enjoy the videos.

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  1. Awwww, what a lovely stroy, and such nice pictures to go with it too. I hope that your visiting rabbit IS the one that you looked after.


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