Saturday, April 7, 2012

"What is a Blog?"

Hi friends.  Thank you for taking the time to visit me today!

After sharing my new blog on Facebook with my friends and family I had several positive comments sent to me and a couple of questions; from my Aunt Nancy, "What is a blog?" , and from my husband, "Why do you want to do that?".  They are good questions! The only answer I can come up with is that somewhere deep inside of me I have a need to be "accountable". I am by nature a RULE Follower and don't like to disappoint. This is always in opposition to my flighty, scatterbrained, absent minded side that lives in a state of procrastination. I love ORDER but am prone to DISorder. One thing I've noticed from reading other creative people's blogs is that there is a sense of recording the present to an audience -YOU- which adds a little more pressure. Sort of like planning a party so you can get all of your projects finished (or hidden,lol). I have several projects, or works in progress, that I would like to finish and I'm hoping to record these here. I'm gettin' ready for company! You.

Here is my home and I'm going to be doing some SPRING CLEANING. It looks all neat and tidy from the outside but there is a room inside that makes my head swim. THE ART ROOM! Trust me, there is no creativity living in that room. Photos will be coming tomorrow when it is daylight.I even have a deadline for the cleaning, our neighborhood YARD SALE on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28. Case in point about procrastination, we have lived in our current neighborhood for 10 years and this is the FIRST (biannual) yard sale I am actually going to participate in. YEAH!!! I actually have cleaned out my garage and have a place to put the sale items until the big day. My son is not thrilled about having to park outside, spoiled you say? Well, yes he is. But sometimes life is tough.

Come back and visit in a couple of days and you can get a look at my messy art room. I looked up some synonyms for messy since that doesn't seem to express the total confusion, disarray, dishevelment, havoc, muddle, muss, shambles, snake pit or free-for-all  that is The Art Room! There were a lot more descriptive words but I am saving them for the future 'cause I'm sure I'll need them.

See ya soon!

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