Saturday, March 1, 2014

Townsend, Tennessee: Part 2

I promised to share with you a little more of our time in the mountains last weekend, so here it is! There is a shop at the edge of the river that has to be one of the most unique places I've ever seen.

It belongs to Capt'n. Dave but there are a few other artists there as well. They mostly work in wood, but there is a ceramic artist. Here are some examples of their work.

I didn't get his name, but this man was working on freeform cedar mantles.

finished freeform cedar mantles

More hand finished wooden mantles.  

Another local artist who works in wood is Gene Webb. He also has woodcarving classes.Click on his name to check out his website. 

AMAZING horse sculpture!

freeform sculpture

Here are some beautiful tiles by the ceramic artist (I didn't get her name either).

This is her studio. The contraption you see is a slab roller that helps to make tiles. 

You definitely cannot miss the entrance, and the yard says, "Hey you! Come over HERE!"

Driftwood in the yard

Enter at the hand carved bears
The guys there were super friendly. They even have a sign that says, "photos welcome". Great news for us bloggers! Stop by for a visit next time you're in Townsend. They are located on the road that goes from Townsend to Pigeon Forge via Wears Valley.

I think it's important to note that I didn't get any money for promoting this place, just the joy of your smile.

Also, I HAVE BIG NEWS!!!! No, I'm not pregnant, lol. I am starting a new blog! I have so enjoyed this space and being the Drowsy Bee, but my needs for an online presence are changing a little. It has been my heart's desire to be able to sell things that I make here. I am also looking into an Etsy shop, although every little bit helps, so I need a site where I can expand in the future. That is leading me to this difficult but exciting decision. It is still under construction so I'll keep you posted as soon as it's ready. I will have an easy way to find me  when it happens. Wish me luck!
I'm so thrilled you visited with me today. Wasn't it a beautiful day?


  1. Farewell The drowsy bee and look forward to meeting your yonder mountain cousin

  2. Ewwww, talent is just oozing off your page. The woodworkers are awesome. Can't wait to see what your future blog holds.

  3. This is absolutely great! I wish I could visit. I look forward to seeing where your creative journey leads you.

  4. That is an especially good written article. i will be able to take care to marker it and come back to find out further of your helpful data. many thanks for the post. i will be able to actually come back.


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