Monday, February 3, 2014

California Dreaming: Grand Finale

We ended our trip in San Francisco. We stayed in a lovely house in Half Moon Bay that was in walking distance to a beach. We toured San Fran and also had a little down time on the beach (freezing cold!!!). I really loved the whole area and would go back for a visit anytime. I'll leave you with some pictures from our adventure!

Do we look like tourists or what?

Alcatraz - we did not have reservations so, no go
There was an amazing Market with some yummie good things and really nice gift shops.


Urchins? Really??

Hand knit finger puppets :-)

Fogged in Golden Gate Bridge. Never saw it!
Muir Woods

 China Town


More mushrooms

Absolutely NO IDEA

Waited a LONG time for brunch at Mama's

French toast

Beach near our house

Very windy "selfie"

Super cute gift shop that had bucket for you to gather "sea" glass. Pretty sure it didn't actually come from the sea!

Thats a mountain of glass

 Stopped by the local marina for some photo ops

Overall, this was a fantastic trip. What you don't see in the photos are the fun times we have together as a group (some which I would never be able to share in public, lol)! It truly is a blessing to be a part of a family of travelers! I hope you enjoyed some of the sights.

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  1. Great pictures, Jeanette! It does look like you guys had an awesome time. I hope that you get to go to Alcatraz the next time you're in San Fran ~ it's truly my favorite thing there!!! I'm sure you'd love it. Hope you had a nice weekend!!!


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