Monday, April 22, 2013

About to BUST!

Things around here are about to BUST! That's what it seems like to me in the spring - the buds are all on the verge of opening completely and color, scent, and JOY are about to flow forth!



Also, around the yard there are other signs of life...
Robin on a nest

Dove nest on the basketball goal

Doves don't build very sturdy nests! 

A deciduous Azalea

White lilac - YUM!!!

There is something about the renewal of spring that helps to heal all the pains of the past. I am trying to focus on the grace and artistry of this season while praying for physical and spiritual healing for those around the world who have been suffering this past week. My prayers go out to the people of Boston, West, Texas, and China. 

"April cold with dropping rain
Willows and lilacs brings again,
The whistle of returning birds,
And trumpet-lowing of the herds.
The scarlet maple-keys betray
What potent blood hath modest May;
What fiery force the earth renews,
The wealth of forms, the flush of hues;
Joy shed in rosy waves abroad
Flows from the heart of Love, the Lord."

an excerpt from "May-Day" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Hi Jeanette, your garden looks amazing, especially compared to my mud patch! What with the very wet winter we have had and two dogs charging about the grass will need time to recover!! Also your garden is much further on than mine, my lilac has only very small leaf buds at the moment and no sign of flowers, we are having a late Spring of sure. Rowen@Coastal Colours x

    1. Hi Rowen and thank you. I think everyone's Spring was late this year. I have a friend who lives in Denver and they had snow this week. I don't think I could take it! I'm a southern girl at heart- bring on the HEAT! I hope things warm up for you soon.

  2. Oh, I love your Spring photos-the bird's nests and all the flowers!
    I had only ever heard of lilacs in books but the last time we were in England, there was a lilac bush that was overhanging the sidewalk. You know I had to stop and smell those lilacs! Wow, that is one incredible fragrance! xx


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